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To take a close look Hyosong Green Food LT aiming convenient and delicious treat filled with Korean tradition.



Let's purchase some of the luxury salted seafood and fish sauce present sets, and our signature product so called good son's dinner!


"Deep blue ocean wave" which is fresh treat. HAEBON. MADITSAW


Hyosong Green Food LT seeking safe and honest meals anyone could enjoy.
Now provides accurate recipe, Carefully selected ingredient, Strict hygiene management.
R&D for keeping conventional taste and low temperature aging process to maintain freshness of our ingredient.
Our company also provides fresh packaging to make sure safe and clean distribution to our royal customers.

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This is KIM NANG JU representative of Hyosong Green Food LT.

Hyosong Green Food LT which has been making salted seafood since 1970 is located in Gunsan, the port city filled with blowing ocean scent. Our specialty is manufacturing salted seafood and sauces and have been researching and manufacturing only salted seafood. We do our best to provide right food to our customers with continuing product management and quality control.

We lead traditional korean food culture with spirit of professionalism to create right food with superior quality management and strict hygiene system making possible for our company to achieve HACCP certification at first in Jeonbug province in Korea. We also export our products to US, China, and south east Asia to inform our products to world-wide and dedicate to improve awareness about traditional Korean food.

WE, Hyosong Green Food LT, would like to lead customer-oriented food industry by making effort to improve quality management and developing various new trusted items that our customers want.

Hyosong Green Food LT guarantees safe meal and treat!

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We have succeeded in maintaining freshness of our raw ingredient, operation process under the strict hygiene management and attained HACCP certification which has reputation for its strict authentication process that most food industry assume it is impossible for salted fish product to pass. We also attain FDA certification. Meanwhile, like always, We will seek maintaining freshness of our raw ingredient, operation process under the strict hygiene management.